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Complete Bankruptcy File $30
All your Official Bankruptcy Records and your Discharge – along with your Docket Report for faster mortgage approval.
Bankruptcy Discharge Papers $10
Get your Official Federal Bankruptcy Discharge Papers (or Dismissal) emailed to you within 1 business hour.
Schedules Package & Discharge $25
Includes your List of Creditors and original Schedules (A to J), Voluntary Petition, and your Discharge or Dismissal.
Bankruptcy Docket Report $10
The Bankruptcy Court’s Official Index of all records in your case, with the total page count, and court filing information.

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Complete Bankruptcy File $30
All of your Official Bankruptcy Records with your Discharge, and a Docket Report confirming your records are complete.
Schedules Pkg and Discharge $25
Includes your List of Creditors and all Schedules (A to J), your Voluntary Petition, and your Discharge or Dismissal.
Bankruptcy Discharge Papers $10
Get your Official Federal Bankruptcy Discharge Papers (or Dismissal) emailed to you within 1 business hour.
Bankruptcy Docket Report $10
The Bankruptcy Court’s Official Index of all records in your case, with the total page count, and court filing information.
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Can Bankruptcy Help In The Long Runn? Find Out Below ...

How Does Bankruptcy Help You in the Long Run

Have You Considered Filing For Bankruptcy?

If you cannot make ends meet, if you have lost a job, are divorced, had a medical problem and are constantly being harassed by creditors, you may see the writing on the wall and might apply for bankruptcy. Still, how does bankruptcy help you? More importantly, how does the bankruptcy hurt you long-term? How does the bankruptcy affect your credit and how does this affect your life? These are all topics that I will address in this article. Everything comes down to a "new beginning"! A fresh start can mean different things to different people, but when it comes down to it, you can leave the past behind and move away from the debts that have held you back (sometimes for years).

The "Automatic Stay" And How It Can Help

This is the first benefit of bankruptcy. The "automatic stay" will in principle stop all pending lawsuits filed by the lenders against you in order to collect a claim or to obtain a guarantee on one or more of your debts. Suppose you are facing foreclosure and have an imminent foreclosure date. As long as you submit your bankruptcy electronically before the sale takes place, automatic stay will prevent your foreclosure (at least once). It also works in the same way if you are evicted from a leased apartment or if you return the car on which you have a loan. You have the same benefit when you file a claim against an unsecured creditor, such as a credit card company or a medical billing firm, the automatic stay will freeze all legal and collections action. If a court has already ordered that wages be garnished, the automatic stop also stops it. The "Automatic Stay" is basically your first line of defense to regenerate your life and stop the bleeding. The automatic bankruptcy stay will do just that for you; stop harassing calls and anyone taking any legal action against you. For some, this is the biggest and most important benefit of filing for bankruptcy.

How Does Bankruptcy Help You In The Long Run?

Bankruptcy Can Be Disconcerting

Bankruptcy psychology is a little disconcerting to most people until they have really gone through the process. Most people are very worried about the possibility of bankruptcy and how it will affect their lives. But the only thing I've learned is the psychological benefit of bankruptcy, which far exceeds the imaginary reaction that one has to endure later. Some may say "but can’t it hurt my credit score, and it took me so long to get back on track?" The simple fact is that if you are considering bankruptcy, you have already damaged your credit history report and have made late payments (or bills left unpaid) that are most likely to appear as negative statements in your credit history report. It is possible that some of you have gone through foreclosure, signed a deed in lieu or made a mortgage modification. All this can affect your credit history report. Yes, bankruptcy filing will last from 7 to 10 years (10 years in case of bankruptcy of Chapter 7, and 7 years in case of bankruptcy of Chapter 13) on your credit report. But all that pales in comparison to the psychological advantage of no longer being afraid to pick up your phone. If you are considering bankruptcy, the sound of your cell phone may send shockwaves through you. If the phone rings and it is not someone you know because the phone number was not displayed or it appears as "Restricted," then you know what I'm talking about. You know what I mean by fear. People do not know how much negative thnking and depression can keep them from really achieving everything they can and should do in life. Bankruptcy will allow you to get rid of these feelings of anxiety; without taking a pill. If you can get up in the morning and be happy for the day you have before you, rather than hate what your life has become; there are no words to describe the psychological benefit.

The Obvious Advantage

An obvious advantage of bankruptcy is, of course, the settlement of your debts. Let's briefly talk about simple math and analyze how much time is required to settle your debt and how it impacts your life and your credit score. Some people may want to try to repay their debts or pay them off over time. But the simple mathematics of interest and the reality of our lives make this an almost impossible task. Let's take a simple $10,000 bill for a credit card that runs $200 per month at an interest rate of 18.99%. It took 8.5 years (8.5 years) to settle this debt, and you would pay more than $10,000 interest (which doubled the bill). This is just one example. Now add all the other bills of your life and try to make all these payments. With bankruptcy you can withhold thousands of dollars that would have been wasted by paying interest on the debts that you could write off in bankruptcy. This money can be used to buy a house, buy a car, pay bills and even start a tuition fund for children. Think of all the things you could do in the future if you were not wasting paying interest on the bills you could have written-off in the bankruptcy. You only have a certain amount of time in your life to get what you want, to pay the bills you could have canceled in the bankruptcy, give yourself a new start rather than trying to pay if you see this logic in your situation.

The biggest advantage of bankruptcy should be your credit history report. Most people cannot understand this part, because the first thing you think is that bankruptcy will damage my credit report. Yes, that's true, your report will reflect bankruptcy over several years, but the benefit is much greater than the negative. At this point, most people are confused: "How can my credit help me if bankruptcy destroys my credit?" On the one hand, your credit is not destroyed by the bankruptcy. It will only included the list of debts included in the bankruptcy (which will have negative marks) and you will have those debts discharged. However any credit cards or other obligations that you allow to remain outside of the bankruptcy filing will go on, and you will instantly start re-establishing credit with those cards or accounts the day after the discharge is issued.

Bankruptcy will lower your credit rating initially, but there are ways to restore it in a very short time. For example, you can buy a house or a car on credit. Basically, the way credit works is that you have a certain amount of debt and income. After you've considered your payment history, your score depends on how much you owe and how much you earn. Although bankruptcy initially damages your score, you are now (mathematically speaking) be earning more money than before, simply because you no longer have the debt that you had before. So, mathematically, you while you will not be making more money, since you have removed those debts, your debt-to-income ratio will improve.

Realize The Importance Of Debt To Income

How much more do you pay in life because of the credit cards and debt that you have at a higher rate of interest than someone who has a higher credit rating than you? The simple fact is that most people do not know these truths or consider them when formulating a life plan. These are 'cost of living' aspects which are determined by your credit score. The easiest, quickest, and most effective way to improve your credit score may be to eliminate delinquent accounts that appear in your credit history and rebuild from scratch. Just think it through first.

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Disclaimer: This Content Does Not Constitute Legal Advice

This article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Consult with a licensed bankruptcy attorney if you are considering bankruptcy, or other competent counsel before pursuing the subject matter of this article. Collection laws vary from state to state.

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